October 18th | Clear Mind and Open Heart

October 18th | Clear Mind and Open Heart


You know that amazing feeling of being calm, clear and fully present?

We all know how great it feels when we are fully present and are able to show up for our lives with a clear and present mind. So how do we cultivate that in the moment, when things get real or a little crazy? Join Nichole Proffitt, a women's Mindfulness Coach and UCSF MSBR/mindfulness instructor as she guides us through an intimate and experiential evening exploring:

  • what is mindfulness and how it can help us cultivate a clear and present mind, an open heart and more connection with life

  • how to create daily practices that support wellbeing and self awareness

  • tools to help us better manage daily stressors & the every day realities of life

The pleasure and purpose in being present... Ladies, life only gets better from here! Come solo or with a friend! Sorry, no furry ones, they're not good at meditating:).


Do you notice how you talk to yourself? We’ve got you, everyone does.