September 18th | Minerals for All Your Moods

September 18th | Minerals for All Your Moods


Ever start your Monday morning with great vibes, only to be grabbing that third coffee by 11am?

Energy, clarity, mood stability, stress management, great sleep… finally learn the what and the how of nutrition basics to feel your best and brightest. Join Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Liv Larsen and get schooled on the importance of:

  • Minerals for mood (most common deficiencies, symptoms of deficiency and food & supplement brands to rebalance)

  • Good bacteria & protein for the brain chemicals that make you happy (when and how to consume)

  • Essential fatty acids for skin and brain health

  • The story about supplements (best way to take them, high quality brands that actually work)

Come solo or bring a friend and prepare to be your best.

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