what's in a name?

Grey·back: Life can feel very black and white. Grey communicates the balance we aspire our days and thoughts to fall into. 

INVI (from invigorate): To give life or energy to.


why we started.

Over the last six years, Alicia and Alissa have kept up a strong self-care game to keep them centered in their busy professional and social lives. After searching for a space to focus on their wellbeing; they decided to create one. Greyback INVI helps females prioritize their health and happiness, every month. Self-care is about prioritizing YOU and we help you remind yourself, every month.


Alissa B. Masuda

Greyback's cofounder and unapologetic hoarder of face oils and Byredo perfumes; Alissa spends her days busy immersed in the corporate tech world while finding time to get outdoors and in the bath at least 1x a week. In her former career as a sales & product trainer for a large luxury cosmetic brand she developed a bad taste in her mouth for beauty, which prompted a career overhaul. But her love for wellness and natural beauty never left her, but she craved a way to incorporate her knowledge and network into a community, which is where the idea of Greyback started.

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Alicia Anderson

Alicia is obsessed with helping others and helping herself, typically through long conversations that end with an herbal blend she swears will “solve all.” Being from the east coast, Alicia’s type A tendencies helped her to seek out mindfulness and yoga to calm her ever-running inner dialogue. A lover of holistic living, Alicia became certified as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2010, and has received numerous mindfulness trainings, allowing her to help clients and friends live their most authentic selves ever since.