a new type of social club.


A curated group of females building practices of self-care each month to feel more connected and balanced in their everyday. Feeling good is a practice, Greyback helps you get there, again and again.

LEARN. Expose yourself to top wellness brands and self-care techniques.

PRACTICE. Sample different tools to care for your mind, body and soul. 

CONNECT. Spend time with beautifully-minded females to promote your own wellness.



“I like how holistic the events are (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually).”

-Leah, Greygirl


“I love this idea and that it's a group focused on personal health, wellness, and self-care - such a good fit for me!

-Tanja, Greygirl


“This is what I’ll be looking forward to each and every month, It's wonderful...”

-Hayley, Greygirl