what's in a name?


The name came from a bunch of discussions about what we wanted our social club to be about. Without consistently watching, both of us fall into living feeling a little too fast and rigid… very black and white. Grey communicates the balance we aspire for our days and thoughts to fall into. We wanted the events have a laid-back feel and for the evenings to leave women feeling invigorated and vibrant, and a little more at peace.


Alissa is a wealth of beauty and self-care knowledge. She would use her self-care tools in her own busy work life, yet yearned for a way to bring a group of women together for discussions of the mind, body, and heart.

Alicia re-centered and energized herself with mindfulness classes and yoga and meditation retreats, and while she was able to maintain some aspects of these practices on her own in daily life, she sought a way to incorporate the communal aspect of these practices on a regular basis, while introducing these powerful techniques to a close knit community.